Well I finally did it today! My commute to work as a realtor has begun. I have commuted in the past on occasion for just a few hours on a Friday or something. But now I will commute 2 days a week and see what I can work up too for the future. Being a spandex cycling type of  person and riding all the roads and trails of Santa Clarita, this was actually somewhat different. I went on the sidewalk for 75% of the trip just to see how it was. Well with a racing bike it feels very awkward. I am used to the road and fast riding. I am going to change things up a bit I think. Perhaps the type of bicycle or the speed.  The trip usually takes me 15 minutes by car. This time it took me 20 actual pedaling minutes but total trip time was 30 minutes. There was plenty of stopping at red lights and such.

On the way home I went thru “The Summit” and rode down their trail from the entrance way on Delmonte Drive down to behind the YMCA. I never experienced that and it was quite fun! Better suited for a walk then a bike though.

All in all my first day as a bicycle commuter was fun as I naturally enjoy riding a bicycle.