Todays weather was light rain or actually a heavy mist as the clouds were all hanging real low…”we are socked in” . That’s a term used when flying if it’s to cloudy and you can’t get your plane off the ground. Anyway…It was 60 degrees and very humid from the really low clouds at 645am. I enjoy days like these. The usual route, bike trail to the end in Canyon Country then Soldead to Sand Canyon then Placerita. At the end of the 5 mile rolling hills of Placerita I broke it up instead of going thru Placerita by Masters College I took a right turn up Sierra Hwy, always a good road, nice and steep. Then I went flying down Golden Valley and over the new bridge on Newhall Ranch rd which goes over Soldead and onto the cross valley connector. I then went down Newhall Ranch road on the trail to finish my ride at the Lowe’s shopping center. Yes there’s a Starbucks there!