Well it wasn’t actually a storm but I had the opportunity to use the phrase because of the rain. This is a great ride if someone wants to get a good hill work out.  Took the usual trail out to Sand Canyon. That’s the warm up to the hills. Once onto Placerita there is a 5 mile stretch of roller coaster hills. Then Placerita connects with Sierra Highway and that is a nice grind it out 1-1.5 mile hill up, (sorry don’t know the grade, but it’s straight up!) then 1.5 mile down hill into Canyon Country. I connect to Via Princessa there and take that to Whites Canyon road. Once on Whites I enjoy the descent down and over Soledad to the start of the 1 mile climb up the hill.  I don’t know the grade of this hill, will have to check on the GPS, but trust me it’s steep! There are some great views (which I will insert a photo of in the near future). Whites then turns into Plum Canyon road and descends 2 miles into Saugus where it meets up with Bouquet Canyon Road. (sure are a lot of roads with the word “canyon” in them in Santa Clarita!). After touching Bouquet I could take a right and head to more hills to punish myself, but today I made a left and rode the bicycle lane home.

* I want to point out that there are very few roads in Santa Clarita that actually have a bicycle lane. This bicycle lane on Bouquet was up for conversation a few years ago to be removed! Thank goodness they didn’t.

** For the sake of argument, there are small sections of bike lanes on Wiley Canyon road and then again on Soledad Canyon out in Canyon Country.

I wish Santa Clarita would make more roads bicycle friendly like other cities do. I know we have the Paseos, they are great and I ride them all time either on rides or when commuting to work,  but they don’t go everywhere.