I have 4 bikes that are all working right now, yippie! Some people like buying lots of cars, I like bikes! I have 2 road and 2 mountain. I recently only had 2 that I used so the other two were collecting dust in the shed. Now that I am commuting to work more, I have decided to bring those 2 “dusty” bikes out and get them in the rotation for regular use. I will switch off with both a mountain and a road for commuting, it just depends on what I feel like riding that day and the weather.

I got the one road bike up onto the bike repair stand and was working on it out in the backyard and my 9 year old daughter wanted to help Daddy. I had her learn about the gearing. As she shifted and moved the pedals she could see how the chain climbed up and down the freewheel. She thought that was cool. Then she learned that she can spin the front wheel real fast…Then she learned that she can get her finger jammed in between the wheel and the fork! Good thing it wasn’t the spokes!

I then took the road bike, Atala is the brand, out for a spin around the block. Felt like a kid riding a bike. Anyways this bike has the shifter on the down tube, my current road bike I use all the time has the gearing at the handlebars near the brakes. So when I went to shift it wasn’t there! It felt weird for a second.

One bike ready, one to go!