Ouch! Don’t forget your helmet! This 18 year old female rider had her head run over!


wearing a helmet messes up your hair but not wearing a helmet messes up your life!  Basic common sense says make sure it fits right and all that stuff.

I have personally have had a helmet save my life twice! Once in particular I was mountain biking with a good friend of mine named Bob. We were having doing all sorts of crazy things jumping over stuff, flying thru the air, etc. I only remember the bouncing around part and then the wind taken out of me. I had my sunglasses pushed into my face and broken. My helmet was cracked.  Bob asked me three questions and I didn’t pass the test. I think it was the current president and I mentioned a president from the past.  Anyway Bob took me to the hospital and they said I had a concussion.

So…I never leave home without one to this day!