Bear Divide is a nice quiet hilly ride. Oh, I forgot to put in grueling! Not sure of the acent percentage but it’s at least 8%…I think! I am usually in the lowest gear most of the hill. It wiggles back and forth until it gets to the top at the look out point. At this point, if you were to keep going the road changes to Little T or Little Tujunga. This comes out on the corner of Osborne and foothill in Sylmar.

If you don’t want to go all the way around to foothill and the old road or foothill and sierra highway then you stop there. Catch a view of Santa Clarita Valley perhaps sit on a picnic bench and catch your breath as well!

Coming back down Bear Divide the speed picks up pretty quick and with the hairpin turns it just a great ride back. Then after your thrills there you hop onto Placerita Canyon and do the mini roller coaster over to Sierra Highway and then either back onto the bicycle trail behind Newhall Ave or on San Fernando back into Valencia.