People always ask me, “Is it a good time to sell during the holidays?”

ABSOLUTELY is my immediate response. Being a realtor for 10 years now I can tell you that anyone that is  buying (or selling) during the holidays is serious. They are motivated and it is a win win for all. As far as sellers, your home never looked better. All decorated for the holidays both inside and out. People enjoy this time of year and the mood is a happy one. There is less competition for both buyers and sellers as well.

An experienced Realtor will take advantage of this opportunity and do the best marketing with all the decorations and people driving by looking for houses with lights. Having an open house would be a great idea as well. While the holiday season can be the roughest on you and your family, the sale of your home would be great!

Rain or shine, the buyers and sellers that are focused out  there and are ready to close on a home during the holidays, are worth their weight in gold.