I haven’t ridden my bicycle in 10 days!  For me that is eternity! I have 4 bikes why can’t I ride? Ever have one of those weeks where everything seems to happen at the wrong time? Things break, meetings,  other people need you. You’ve got the idea, well it all happened to me at once. Without going into detail too much, I had a water heater break down on me at 11pm at night. Because of that I was up all night watching every video on youtube on how to fix the darn thing. Needless to say I was tired in the morning and couldn’t ride.

I had a car break down so I couldn’t get to work, so I couldn’t ride early in the morning, had to get a ride to work.

The list goes on. Temps in the 30’s in Santa Clarita, etc, etc, etc.

I think I am ready now to be done with all my problems and get back on the bike where there is peace and joy!