Today is my birthday and I promised myself that I was going to ride no matter what. Well I had planned to ride a century but that got thwarted by a cold. So here I was on my birthday ready to ride and what was in front of me but a major rain storm. This storm started 2 days prior and won’t finish until 4 days after my birthday. So I have to ride.

I pulled out all my cold weather gear for protection of the water and in case it got cold. The temp was 53 degrees so it was warm at 3pm. But it was windy and grey and cooling off . I decided to take the mountain bike for safety reasons.

As soon as I pumped up my tires and headed out, it calmed down and was only a slight drizzle. I rode 2.5 miles on both sidewalk and trails to Whole Foods for a cup of Joe. Sat outside and just admired the people. It was fun because everybody was in the hurry up shopping mode and I was just relaxing with my bicycle.

The traffic was heavy but it didn’t matter to me as I was on the sidewalk enjoying myself .

When I got home I was so happy that I rode my bicycle in the rain! I guess it’s like a 4-year-old playing outside in the rain and jumping in all the puddles.

I might just do it all over again before the rain stops in a few days!