Well my 9 yr old daughter has been bugging me to take her cycling. So we did but it was mountain biking. She loved it! We went on the new trails in Central Park, the cross country trails. It’s not much in distance for me but for a 9 yr old it’s like Big Bear! We went up and down hills. Walked when it got to be difficult for her.

She didn’t have a worry in the world, the way it’s supposed to be when you are on a bicycle!

She then asked me to find a jump as she wanted to try a jump. Well we found a steep little hill. I told her let’s work our way up to a jump and start doing hills first. She approved.

Of course she wore her helmet!

Next will be Mt. Tam!

Here’s the vid. you will have to turn your computer or head sideways as I changed the camera half way thru the filming.