When I think of the primary use of  a bicycle that I have encountered over the years I think about how it transports me from one location to another. Weather that is by completing a Saturday group ride somewhere in or around Santa Clarita, CA with some cycling buds. Or I remember the time when I took a solo bike tour from NY to Cape Cod and checked out some incredible views along the way. I went through Mystic, CT, Newport, RI and finally onto the shores of Provincetown, MA. Ah yes, what a ride that was! I had panniers all the way around and a rack on top to hold my sleeping bag and tent. Those were the days!

Of course I also used the bicycle to transport myself to and from school back in my younger years along with my books and things.

Over the last few years I have noticed the bicycle evolve to what is now a “Cargo” bicycle or a “Utility” bicycle.  The cargo or utility bicycle can be used to carry or transport just about anything. I have seen “bicycle moves” where some cargo cycling  friends get together and literally move someones household possessions from one location to another via bicycle!

Enough rambling, time for me to jump on my bicycle!

Watch this great video about cargo bicycles, which is just a trailer by the way for a documentary that is coming out in the near future by Liz Canning, (check her out at lizcanning.com) …and you just might want to add another bicycle to your collection.

***Do notice how everyone is happy in this video and look at the joy in the children’s faces! Would they be that happy in a car…I think not!