Moved to California from New York about 20 years ago. Born in CT and lived in many places as well as other countries.

Back in the day I rode bicycles like any other kid…except I put screws in my tires so I could ride in the snow in the winter time!

I took up triathlons while in College and then decided I liked cycling the most. I joined a club called Brno Velo out of Port Chester NY! It was a great club formed by the owners of Port Chester Cycles, Dada & Frank. They were die hard cyclists both here and in Europe.  Of course we had winters in NY and Frank & Dada knew how to cross-country ski as well. They were champions in their home country.

Any who, teams and cyclists from all around the area would come and ride the one big weekend ride called, “The Gimbel’s Ride”. Well long story short, back then we even had George Hincapie ride with us. Little did we know then how he would turn out to be a cycling legend today.  As a kid he won almost every race. Go figure!

I have raced both mountain and road. Love them both. I have done centuries. Love anything to do with a bicycle. I enjoy commuting to work on a bicycle. I like riding in the dark on a bicycle….

I am at peace when I am on a bicycle.

So fast forward to Santa Clarita. Here I am riding my bike around Santa Clarita and thinking gee why don’t I just do a blog about all the great trails and rides that we have here.

In my spare time I am a realtor… If you have any questions or real estate needs please contact me… perhaps we can meet by bicycle if possible! If not then maybe we can do a ride together!