Bicycle safety

If  cycling is a way of life in Portland , why not here? Are we afraid others will see us with a “nerdy” helmet? What about our big SUV’s are they really all that practical?

Watch this clip from CBS news Sunday Morning Show in 2008.


Bicyclists testify in murder trial. Imagine how tough that must have been to recall the day of a bicycle accident where you have lost a fellow cyclist and where you know good and well it could have been you.

For this group of local Santa Clarita cyclists they had to do just that. The driver was on the other side of the road and crossed over the yellow lines and smashed into 4 cyclists in a group ride. The driver was intoxicated well above the legal limit and couldn’t handle the curves in the road.

I wear my helmet on every ride. To the grocery store and back I wear my helmet. My children think it’s not cool to wear a helmet. I tell them about a time when I fell in a bike ride and cracked the shell of the helmet and received a concussion. In that case if it wasn’t for the helmet the outcome could have been fatal. In the case of this rider it would not have mattered but one never knows now do they. So…wear a helmet people, you never know when & where something might happen. It could be the curb in front of your house.

Riding in a Paceline Is a Basic Cycling Skill | If you ride bicycles with other people or in a group you should learn about paceline riding if you don’t do it already. This is a way of saving or preserving your energy.

Watch this video and learn the basics about paceline riding.

Tandem riders

When riding at night you want to be seen and not run over! I have no problem riding my bicycle at night, in fact sometimes I enjoy it as much as the day. You can see autos better because of their lights. You can cut across traffic an not worry if they can see you, they can’t of course unless you have lights.

Sunsets or sunrises are really enjoyable while riding a bicycle.

Now for safety sake I suggest investing in some lights. The link below brings you to a site by the wonderful people at They do reviews on bike stuff relating to commuting, hence the name. This particular review is about lights and lighting devices to be seen.

Enjoy the info courtesy of

I just can’t do what this sign says! It’s not in my cycling persona to do this. I have seen a few people do this. Maybe with their kids but that’s it.

This video shows you how many cities and towns are reducing congestion by letting bicycles become more of a way of life then a Sunday ride in the park.

Major cities have reduced roadway sizes to give way to bicycle lanes and parking.

I wish I could say I broke the two little toes on my right foot from a crazy down hill at Towsley or over at Placerita Canyon. That is not the case, I shut off the light in the living room and walked into the coffee table full steam and broke 2 toes! I have not been able to ride let alone walk normal!

Today I thought I was going to give it a go and just suck it up and ride but when my little 18 pound Jack Russell dog stepped on my toe I winced in pain!

I am not saying that I am a wimp or anything but I do see professional road racers ride extremely mountainous hills in the tour de france with broken collar bones and they don’t wince.

Guess I will wait a few more days to get back on the bike and ride, commute by bike and all that fun stuff I am missing.

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