Moutain Bike Trails

I haven’t been able to blog for good reasons I guess. I have been so busy with my real estate career that I just couldn’t spend the time to sit down and write a post. I have been so busy showing homes. Some weeks I would show 6-7 different appointments! That’s busy!

This is all coming from the market in my area finally flattening out and making a turn for the better. I really do see the stats all around improving. Multiple offers on everything out there, the stock market is improving, the unemployment numbers are going down. Things are just getting better. Yes slooooowly but better is good. At least it’s not worse!

All this time being spent on taking clients out and showing homes has prevented me from blogging and also doing what the blog is about, cycling! I haven’t been able to ride my bicycle(s) in weeks!

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

I will make a concentrated effort to post more about what I like to do and that is ride my bicycle!

When riding at night you want to be seen and not run over! I have no problem riding my bicycle at night, in fact sometimes I enjoy it as much as the day. You can see autos better because of their lights. You can cut across traffic an not worry if they can see you, they can’t of course unless you have lights.

Sunsets or sunrises are really enjoyable while riding a bicycle.

Now for safety sake I suggest investing in some lights. The link below brings you to a site by the wonderful people at They do reviews on bike stuff relating to commuting, hence the name. This particular review is about lights and lighting devices to be seen.

Enjoy the info courtesy of

Well my 9 yr old daughter has been bugging me to take her cycling. So we did but it was mountain biking. She loved it! We went on the new trails in Central Park, the cross country trails. It’s not much in distance for me but for a 9 yr old it’s like Big Bear! We went up and down hills. Walked when it got to be difficult for her.

She didn’t have a worry in the world, the way it’s supposed to be when you are on a bicycle!

She then asked me to find a jump as she wanted to try a jump. Well we found a steep little hill. I told her let’s work our way up to a jump and start doing hills first. She approved.

Of course she wore her helmet!

Next will be Mt. Tam!

Here’s the vid. you will have to turn your computer or head sideways as I changed the camera half way thru the filming.

I wish I could say I broke the two little toes on my right foot from a crazy down hill at Towsley or over at Placerita Canyon. That is not the case, I shut off the light in the living room and walked into the coffee table full steam and broke 2 toes! I have not been able to ride let alone walk normal!

Today I thought I was going to give it a go and just suck it up and ride but when my little 18 pound Jack Russell dog stepped on my toe I winced in pain!

I am not saying that I am a wimp or anything but I do see professional road racers ride extremely mountainous hills in the tour de france with broken collar bones and they don’t wince.

Guess I will wait a few more days to get back on the bike and ride, commute by bike and all that fun stuff I am missing.

Go for a great mountain bike ride up Mentryville this weekend!

Here is the web site for the history of Mentryville –

Here is a map

Well now perhaps we can mountain bike in Elsmere and enjoy the fact that Santa Clarita owns the property and we won’t be trespassing!

click here for article and photos.

Check out this video on this riders youtube channel. It’s a camera attached to his chest I believe. The trail is Tapia Canyon in Castaic. The ride is down and around Tapia Canyon. An early morning ride with some of his riding buddies. It’s over 8 minutes long & pretty intense!…Enjoy!

Courtesy of Mofrickinmolina: