I am starting a category on my blog called, appropriately, “Bicycle Maintenance”. Most will be “do it yourself” type maintenance repairs or upkeep.

The handlebar tape is very important as it is the location of where your hands are 99% of the time. You want the tape to be on secure and not broken or loose. Your hands could slide off and that wouldn’t be a pretty site what happens next.

I have gathered this video from Bicycling Magazine to show you how to install your own handlebar tape.




What I like most about the bicycle is seeing others using a bicycle. Locally I see the  bicycle being used for it’s original purpose, transportation.

Not only do I enjoy every minute of being on a bicycle but I also enjoy reading articles about the progress the bicycle makes throughout time. What has grabbed my attention most recently is the growth the bicycle has made with the way the economy has set us all back the last few years. The bicycle has become once again very popular. At the same time being environmentally conscious, has once again regained its  roots.

With both of these working together the bicycle has taken on many new directions. One in particular is bicycle storage facilities in major cities and towns. I can’t speak for the city of LA as I don’t frequent there enough but here in  Santa Clarita cycling is not as prevalent as other areas. In my opinion the Automobile is king here and will always rule.

In most of LA County and especially in the smaller suburbs like Santa Clarita. The city was build with the auto in mind, not the bicycle. We do have some amazing trails and paseos connecting our town but not enough people use them is my point. Thus we have no mega storage facilities by the mall or downtown or even most importantly by the train stations.

In some cities the bicycle has taken on such a stronghold for transportation that bicycle parking structures are being built. For example this cool looking place in Cleveland, Ohio called The Bicycle Rack. Check out the short article below!


If  cycling is a way of life in Portland , why not here? Are we afraid others will see us with a “nerdy” helmet? What about our big SUV’s are they really all that practical?

Watch this clip from CBS news Sunday Morning Show in 2008.

Bicyclists testify in murder trial. Imagine how tough that must have been to recall the day of a bicycle accident where you have lost a fellow cyclist and where you know good and well it could have been you.

For this group of local Santa Clarita cyclists they had to do just that. The driver was on the other side of the road and crossed over the yellow lines and smashed into 4 cyclists in a group ride. The driver was intoxicated well above the legal limit and couldn’t handle the curves in the road.

I wear my helmet on every ride. To the grocery store and back I wear my helmet. My children think it’s not cool to wear a helmet. I tell them about a time when I fell in a bike ride and cracked the shell of the helmet and received a concussion. In that case if it wasn’t for the helmet the outcome could have been fatal. In the case of this rider it would not have mattered but one never knows now do they. So…wear a helmet people, you never know when & where something might happen. It could be the curb in front of your house.

Riding in a Paceline Is a Basic Cycling Skill | Active.com. If you ride bicycles with other people or in a group you should learn about paceline riding if you don’t do it already. This is a way of saving or preserving your energy.

Watch this video and learn the basics about paceline riding.

Tandem riders

Here is a list of bicycle tools to have around your home. These will really help you get to know your bicycle a whole lot better. I have collected many different types of tools over the years.

I used to build wheels for a bicycle shop in NY so I have a truing stand and the tools required for that. Occasionally I have to re tru a bicycle wheel. If you find you have to balance or “tru” your wheel and don’t have a truing stand then use the two brakes on your bicycle.

When riding the bicycle often one must get into the habit of cleaning your bicycle to have it ride and perform at it’s best. I personally do a quick clean on my bicycle every week on Monday if I am not riding on that day. Check the cables , tires, etc. Make sure everything is working sorta thing. I do a big cleaning once a month or two depending on the amount of cycling I do.

Here is a video on how to clean your bicycle.