Here is a great post from a blog I follow that explains the health benefits of riding a bicycle!


I haven’t been able to blog for good reasons I guess. I have been so busy with my real estate career that I just couldn’t spend the time to sit down and write a post. I have been so busy showing homes. Some weeks I would show 6-7 different appointments! That’s busy!

This is all coming from the market in my area finally flattening out and making a turn for the better. I really do see the stats all around improving. Multiple offers on everything out there, the stock market is improving, the unemployment numbers are going down. Things are just getting better. Yes slooooowly but better is good. At least it’s not worse!

All this time being spent on taking clients out and showing homes has prevented me from blogging and also doing what the blog is about, cycling! I haven’t been able to ride my bicycle(s) in weeks!

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

I will make a concentrated effort to post more about what I like to do and that is ride my bicycle!

I wouldn’t pass this up for anything! I will ride with Professional cyclists and athletes from around the world! George Hincapie is the Grand Fondo Chief but there are many many others! Tinker JuarezIna-Yoko Teutenberg, Tejay van Garderen, Paul Amey, Amber Neben, Matt Bigos and Greta Neimanas  and the list goes on!

I am going to be able to check off “riding with George Hincapie” from my bucket list! He is doing an Organized century ride here in Santa Clarita on 12/31/11

Click the link below for information

Can you imagine 20-30 of these Go One Velomobiles around Santa Clarita!

This Go-one velomobile at the 2006 Cycle Vision bike show in Zandvoort, Netherlands had been stickered by Tim Biesemans of Belgium.
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1st collector for Go-one Velomobile
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I dream of the day I can ride a bicycle like this lucky chap is. I would be so excited, at peace with myself!

Michal Kapral driving a human-powered car to work in Toronto. The Mango velomobile cruises at around 40 km/h.
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Bicycles in Amsterdam are cool! They are a way of life. People use bicycles like we use autos here in the states. Can you imagine people leaving the Yukon or other vehicle at home and cycling down to the mall or to the supermarket to get things, I could!

What are your feelings about using the bicycle like they do in Amsterdam? How about just 1/10 of what they do!