20180121_115439Yet another piece of land in Santa Clarita that has been made into Open Space for the public to use.  The 526 acres of Open Space can be used for walking, running or mountain biking. This trail head is off of Copper Hill and Near Haskell Canyon Road.

High above the homes in the area one has a great view of the entire Santa Clarita Valley. 20180121_115145

For the mountain biking I like the rolling terrain on the fire road. Very peaceful and wide open views. There is a tiny bit of single track but not much. This is mostly fire road up and down stuff.

Back in the day … “The Haskell family homesteaded this canyon for their cattle ranch in the early 1900’s.  Later, the Agajanian family raised hogs here until the 1950’s“. – credit to the hikesantaclarita.com website for this piece of history.

Trail ratings are gentle, moderate and steep as seen on the map legend below from the hikesantaclarita.com website.









Tapia is the local main mtb spot to go to in Santa Clarita. Many trails of all different levels. There are fire roads and single track. With such trail names as Charlie Canyon, Kona, Burn Victim, Junkyard, Wayside and Karl’s 2.0…There are many others. G – out is a popular one for the fast and furious!

There are a few ways into the Tapia area but the most common is from around the Castaic Animal Shelter. Either up Charlie Canyon or on the other side is Wayside. Do NOT take Tapia all the way up as at the bottom there is a home owner who is very much against mountain bikers and has been known to yell and scare people. I’ve heard of him following a first time female rider out the her car at the Castaic Sports Complex and yelling at her enough to scare her where she called the police. Be real careful on Tapia.

I’ve known a few riders who have hurt themselves deep in off the trails, so be sure to tell someone where you go each and every time you ride. Most of the time I’ve seen other riders in there.

Doing loops around the trails at Tapia is lot’s of fun. Give Tapia a try if you have not ridden there. It can be for a beginner rider to advanced.


It got me thinking… I haven’t written in this blog for over 20 months! I can write every excuse in the book down and they are all true but the truth is I just haven’t done it. I will start today and write about all my rides and adventures on a bicycle.

I have been “blogging” on Facebook about my rides and of course Strava but had completely forgotten about my lonely blog.

I am committed to doing this. I want to do this! Why not just do it on this blog as well! Thanks Catherine for the nudge!

So about that ride I did today (11/7). It was a Pedalin’ Posse spin off ride organized by Jeannine. The weather was perfect, in the 80’s! A bunch of us went out and rode a great course consisting of Golden Valley, Sierra Hwy, Wiley Cyn, Old Road, Pico into beautiful Mentryville all the way to the back gate where the runners and mtn bikers go up. We then finished off at Peet’s coffee shop in town for a beverage and a snack. Great ride with great people – Jeannine, Stacey, Mark, Catherine, Laurie, Cathi –  who really enjoy cycling and getting together and having some fun!

Here is some history and pictures on Mentryville.


see you out on the trails!

Click the link here to read about how Buyers are moving to bike friendly areas!

This is just great that people are now looking at areas that are more bicycle friendly for work purposes so they can commute!

Enjoy your ride!

This article is courtesy of The Washington Post.com web site