I wouldn’t pass this up for anything! I will ride with Professional cyclists and athletes from around the world! George Hincapie is the Grand Fondo Chief but there are many many others! Tinker JuarezIna-Yoko Teutenberg, Tejay van Garderen, Paul Amey, Amber Neben, Matt Bigos and Greta Neimanas  and the list goes on!



I am going to be able to check off “riding with George Hincapie” from my bucket list! He is doing an Organized century ride here in Santa Clarita on 12/31/11

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If  cycling is a way of life in Portland , why not here? Are we afraid others will see us with a “nerdy” helmet? What about our big SUV’s are they really all that practical?

Watch this clip from CBS news Sunday Morning Show in 2008.

When riding the bicycle often one must get into the habit of cleaning your bicycle to have it ride and perform at it’s best. I personally do a quick clean on my bicycle every week on Monday if I am not riding on that day. Check the cables , tires, etc. Make sure everything is working sorta thing. I do a big cleaning once a month or two depending on the amount of cycling I do.

Here is a video on how to clean your bicycle.

The chain is very important. without it you go nowhere, so clean your chain for opitmal performance.

Here is a video on lubing the chain.

When riding at night you want to be seen and not run over! I have no problem riding my bicycle at night, in fact sometimes I enjoy it as much as the day. You can see autos better because of their lights. You can cut across traffic an not worry if they can see you, they can’t of course unless you have lights.

Sunsets or sunrises are really enjoyable while riding a bicycle.

Now for safety sake I suggest investing in some lights. The link below brings you to a site by the wonderful people at bikecommuters.com They do reviews on bike stuff relating to commuting, hence the name. This particular review is about lights and lighting devices to be seen.

Enjoy the info courtesy of Bikecommuters.com


I just can’t do what this sign says! It’s not in my cycling persona to do this. I have seen a few people do this. Maybe with their kids but that’s it.